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The relaxing massage par excellence. Through a series of manoeuvres that may include light touching, kneading, percussion, friction and traction, this technique guarantees numerous benefits: it relaxes both the body and the mind, tones, drains toxins and excess fluids, loosens muscular tensions and improves circulation and oxygenation of tissues.

A Swedish massage performed with the aid of essential scented oils (natural aromatic essences extracted from plants), which, when mixed appropriately with sweet almond oil, harmonise and balance the body and mind and enhance the relaxing and regenerating action of the massage.

An energetic massage designed to treat and release muscle contractions, with consequent reduction of the pain that may accompany them. It is suitable both for athletes and for those who do not practice sports but suffer from stiffness or muscle spasms that may be caused by sedentary work or poor posture. Thanks to the pressure exerted during the stress-relief massage, the nerve centres of the muscle are reactivated, the muscle tone is restored to its optimal condition, the muscle stiffness decreases and the oxygenation of the tissues affected by the contraction is improved.


Suitable for all those who engage in regular sports: it is recommended before and after training, as well as before and after a race, to improve athletic performance. The sports massage is performed through manoeuvres that focus on the areas of the body most used and stressed by physical activity.


Benefits: promotes muscle and joint flexibility, reduces tiredness, improves endurance, improves blood and lymphatic circulation by stimulating the elimination of toxic waste, prevents injuries and prepares both body and mind in order to achieve optimal sports performance .

This massage technique exerts a detoxifying action on the entire body through specific manipulations that favour the drainage of lymphatic fluids from tissues affected by water retention.


Benefits: improves lymphatic circulation, prevents fluid stagnation and fights cellulite, reduces swelling from water retention, relieves localised pain, tones muscles, exfoliates, regenerates and relaxes the skin.

Developed in California in the ’70s, this is a particular type relaxing massage technique based on the use of delicate manoeuvres designed to restore the harmony of the body and mind in order to achieve a state of complete psycho-physical well-being.


Physical benefits: reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, promotes digestion and elimination of toxins.


Psychic benefits: relieves stress and anxious states and rebalances the nervous system, helping to restore positive contact with your body.

Often called “soul massage” or “massage of loving hands”, this technique involves a series of slow, gentle movements that exert a profound action on the muscles, through the use of hands and forearms, which recall the cyclic and gentle flow of ocean waves.


The long and rhythmic movements relax the muscles and release the joints, rendering the massage both relaxing and invigorating at the same time, and excellent for the circulation. The movements are accompanied by the use of special oils and perfumed essences and the background of Hawaiian music and rhythms that elevate the massage almost to the level of a sacred ritual.


Physical benefits: muscle and joint relaxation, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, respiration and digestion.


Psychic benefits: acts on the nervous system to re-establishes a profound balance between body and spirit. Ideal for combating depression and stress

The term “ayurveda” derives from Sanskrit, where Ayu means life or longevity, and Veda means science. It originated in India about 5000 years ago as a holistic technique for restoring the balance between mind and body, principally by stimulating the organism’s energy centres: the chakras.


The type of touching, pressure and rubbing and therapeutic oils used during the massage differ depending on which of the three psychological and physiological profiles, known as the Doshes (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), the recipient corresponds to.


This technique, which was developed in Japan at the beginning of the 1900s,  exploits the perpendicular support of the operator and the use of rhythmic pressure exerted on the recipient through the palms of the hands, thumbs, elbows and knees along the entire course of muscular spaces known as energy meridians. These pressures, associated with appropriate rotations and articular stretching, are able to bring significant benefits to the osteo-articular and muscular system, improving its functionality, as well as to all the body’s other systems, helping to redress any dysfunctions. It also provides profound psycho-physical relaxation.

A very old technique based on the aspiration of the skin through special glass cups heated by a torch that, by creating a vacuum, allow the disconnection of the connective tissue from the muscle tissue, stimulating a strong increase in circulation, thus draining the tissues and releasing even the deepest muscular contractions.

  • Couple Massage (Swedish)
  • Packages
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Steam Bath

Face and Body Treatments


Basic facial cleansing, particularly suitable for skin asphyxiated and skin that is affected by acne or blackheads.


Involves cleansing with milk and tonic, deep cleansing with steam, exfoliating scrub, mask and moisturising cream.

Deep dermo-purification treatment where the action of ultrasound waves is exploited by using a hand-piece able to bring impurities caused by sebum, blackheads, smog and toxins to the surface and eliminate them from the skin. The skin is regenerated and regains luminosity. The treatment is completed by the applying a specific skin-type mask, regenerating serum and cream.

Luxury facial treatment (duration 90 ‘) consisting of specific, targeted program based on skin-type, all based on Dermastir luxury products. Includes initial cleansing with milk and tonic, Tsunami-based deep cleansing, scrub or renewal peeling using alpha-hydroxy acids, transdermal delivery of specific Dermastir luxury vials via Cellular gold bar or high frequency hand-piece, mask, luxury serums and cream.


Luxury, mineral-based exfoliating treatment that combines the effectiveness of a mechanical scrub with the renewing and silk-effect of an osmotic treatment, favouring the oxygenation and regeneration of the skin.

The cellular exchanges of the tissues are stimulated by the application of a green clay poultice, favouring the elimination of toxins.

This treatment remineralises and promotes the elasticity of the skin, thus counteracting the onset of stretch marks

This treatment involves the use of elasticised cotton bandages that are wrapped around the legs or other parts of the body, after being soaked in the specific toning or draining cosmetic preparation. It fluidifies the stagnated toxins in the connective tissue, helps to fortify the capillaries and fights the imperfections of cellulite.

Tones the tissues, models body shape, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, fights the imperfections of cellulite. If performed hot it helps to relieve joint pain and muscle spasms.


  • Spa total body wax
  • Spa whole legs + groin wax
  • Moustaches
  • Eyebrows
  • Man’s Chest wax or Back
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure